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Kashmir Great Lakes trek

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8 Days 7 Nights

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The location of this trek, as obvious, is Kashmir, also known as the paradise of the earth. The trek duration calculates around 7-9 days and this trek is often graded as moderate in regards to the trekking challenges. The elevation circles around 13000 feet and the distance paths approximately 63 kms. On such a fulfilling trek you will learn so much learn about yourself- in a trifecta – physically, mentally and emotionally. For a trekker, nothing can replace and prepare him for those paramount and conflicting emotions that whether his body will take so much of strain and whether he will make it or not. But the joy on reaching the destination is obvious. This trek will always be happy and a cherishing trek for the trekkers that comes in handy with a few preparations.
As the trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek demands physical fitness, you must take good care of your health, shape yourself well and be fit and fine. Trekkers can train themselves by working out regularly in gym along with running, walking on incline, cycling, cross-training and stretching on a daily basis. Along with physical health mental fitness is important equally.
Coming to the details of the trek, it generally starts from almost 3 kms out of Sonamarg, on the Srinagar road. You can find few dhabbas on your way. It’s better to the trekkers to pick up short eats here for the next trace of a dwelling place will be at Naranag that would be probably mark the end of the track.
A few of the trail and the trek enters a green meadow, overlooking the Sonamarg town. At the top of the meadows trekkers reach the starting line of Maple and Pine trees. What follows is a lovey-dovey deep dense forest of Maple trees. Such an experience has always been unique to this trek in India.
You will always be amongst the meadows throughout this trek. The best time to enjoy the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is in between the June and September as the greenery and the blooming flowers are at their best during this calendar period. It’s so that a beginner in trekking can also join this trek.
Trailing through the Maple trees uphill, trekkers can enjoy the crystal clear view of the nearby villages downhill and especially the Sonamarg village. Every bit of nature nestles to make a wonderful picture. From here the trail slopes down into yet another meadow lined by the Silver Birch trees and a few shepherd huts. Massively tiny brooks struggling through the meadows and snowy peaks of small mountains mark the land of Shekdur. Shekdur is the only camp site with trees on this trek. It is therefore an add-on in your clicks. The sun rays piercing through the forest, that comes on your way, on further trailing, makes it a nice show of dark and light. Further the trail climbs back into a river valley which is the beginning of Nichanai. You have entered into a wide valley encompassed by the peaks.
After crossing a tunnel-like Nichnai pass followed up by the miles spreading meadow and the cascading waterfall with the icy cold composition of two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen, comes the Vishansar Lake. The first impression that the lake imposes upon the trekker is that of its volume and surrounding provided by the four mountains. It is been followed up by the Kishansar Lake which is only at a distance of 1.2 kms. It has a big meadow stretching by its side. The trail follows up through a ridge. You can see the loveliest view of the two gone-by lakes together from the Gadsar pass which is the highest point of this trek.
Then the time comes to descend. On the way back, the eye captures the view of Yamsir Lake, the nameless lake and the Gadsar Lake which are all connected by all stream. Further you will come to a place called Maengandob where few deep craters are found. The landscape ahead is magnificent for you get to visit Satsar Lakes-collection of seven Lakes and further the twin lakes among which the bigger is the Gangabal and the other one to arrive is Nundkol. On your last destination two Naranag, you are greeted with awe-inspiring glaciers, meadows as well as mountain peaks.
The trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek will provide to the trekkers a perfect flavour of all hues of terrain- innumerable meadows, snow clad glaciers and pinnacles, passes, rocky barren lands, struggling streams. The trail to the Great Lakes is worth trekking. It does justice to all the expectations of a trekker. No individual will ever undergo but this trek will make you undergo. It is a path to heaven and its virgin serenity.
While trekking, trekkers must be equipped with the necessary equipments. Apart from the professional trekking gear, stuffs inclusive of trekking shoes, trekking pole are important specifically. Trekkers must never compromise with their body requirements. It’s better to understand your body need and not going by the choice of some other fella. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is not a child’s game but even a child of ten years can go on this trek. The luggage or the carry bag should be as light as possible. It will be in your comfort.

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Day 1 :- Arrive at Sonamarg

* Altitude: 7800 ft
* 90 kms drive from Srinagar, approx 3 hours.
* If booked in advance, TTH can arrange pick up from TRC at 3pm
* Our campsite is near the Sindh river (Shitkadi Village).
* Since there are no shops around ensure that you have all that you need already.
* Remember to carry your ID proof in original and 2 photo copies as we have to submit them at the army check post.

Day 2:- Sonamarg to Nichnai via Shekdur.

* Altitude: 7,800 ft to 11,500 ft
* 11 kms trek, approx 8 hours
* After the breakfast we trek to Nichnai via Shekdur.
* The trail takes you through meadows, dense forests with Maple, Pine and Bhoj trees.
* After approx half an hour, we get an army check post where we have to submit our ID proofs.
* While you are at it, you can enjoy an awesome view of the Sonmarg Valley or the Thajiwas Glacier.
* The trek from Shitkadi to Shekdur is goes through thick forests of pine trees and will take approx 2 and half hours.
* At Shekdur, you can indulge in instant noodles and an omelette if you wish to.
* We follow the Nichnai Stream as we trek from Shekdur to Nichnai.
* We have lunch at the Nichnai stream, after Shekdur.

Day 3 :- Nichnai to Vishansar lake via Nachnai Pass

* Altitude: 11,500 ft to 12,000 ft via 13100 ft
* 12 kms trek, approx 7 hours
* Trek from Nichnai to Nichnai Pass is of approx 1 and half hours ascent.
* At the top of Nichnai Pass you can get B.S.N.L network, which is the last point under mobile coverage area.
* From Nichnai pass to Vishansar there is a descent.
* At Vishansar campsite, lunch will be offered.
* We can visit the Vishansar Lake which is just 15 minutes walk from the campsite
* The first lake of the trek and one of the most beautiful ones.
* If the trek is in July, the lake will be frozen. Otherwise, we can do fishing at the lake with permission from Srinagar Fishing Department.
* Vishansar is visited by hoards of sheep and their shepherds are known for interesting stories.
* The campsite is a unique place with an open ground and you can play volleyball, cricket etc.
* Beware of dogs at campsite

Day 4:- Acclimatization + Rest Day. (Condition Apply)

* You may visit Kishansar lake, which is at approx 1 and half kms from our camp site.
* If the weather is not good we will use acclimatization day at vishansar or else move towards next camp site, rest day can be use at Gangbal camp site.

Day 5:- Vishansar lake to Gadsar via Gadsar Pass

* Altitude: (12,000ft) to (12,000ft) via (13,750ft)
* 14 kms trek, approx 10 hours
* We start the trek earlier than usual.
* The trail passes from Vishansar to Gadsar, via Gadsar pass the highest point of the trek.
* From Vishansar, the trail takes a steep ascent till Gadsar Pass.
* We can see the Kishansar Lake on the way.
* From the Gadsar pass till the camp site, we descend gradually.
* We can spot the Gadsar lake en route.
* You might also spot the Glacier of Gadsar Lake.
* After the Gadsar lake, we will reach the campsite in 2 hours.
* Just a few minutes before our campsite, we will have another army checkpoint and we will have to share our ID proofs with them.
* Pack lunch will be provided

Day 6 :- Gadsar to Satsar

* Altitude: 12,000 ft to 12,000 ft
* 9 kms trek, approx 6 hours trek
* Mid July to mid August, the trail is laden in vibrant flowers.
* We need to share our IDs at another army check post en route. .
* Moving on, we see two small lakes which are often mistaken as Satsar Lakes.
* We will visit the Satsar twin lakes, in the afternoon, which are approx 1.3 h
* Stasar twin lakes are also known as mengen top.
* Those twin lakes are between the middle of the mountain.

Day 7 :- Satsar to Gangabal twin lakes via Zaj Pass

* Altitude: 12,000 ft to 11,500 ft 13000
* 11 kms trek, approx 6 hours
* We walk on rocky paths for approx an hour and ascend till Jazz Pass.
* At the pass, you can enjoy views of the 4 lakes, Mt. Harmukh and its glacier.
* From the pass we descend till the Gangbal lake and camp at Nandkol lake.
* We visit the Gangbal Lake, which is one of the largest lakes in the trek.
* Post dinner, a team of Kashmiri staff will perform their traditional songs and dance.

Day 8 :- Gangabal to Naranag Drive to Srinagar

* Altitude: 11,500 ft to 7,450 ft
* 15 kms trek, approx 7 hours
* The trail is a descent till the last point of the trek – Naranag, so take care of your knees and ankles.
* The trail will pass through pine tree forests.
* On advance booking, TTH can arrange transport to Srinagar at a charge.
* After the 70 kms drive, you will reach Srinagar by 6:30 pm.
* Please note that prepaid sim cards do not work in Kashmir.
Don’t forget your ID proof in original and 2 photo copies.
On Day 8, you’ll reach Srinagar between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. You can book your travel any time after 8 pm.


8 Days 7 Nights

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